Women Safety

Not only gender disparity in India but safety and security of women continues to be a major challenge faced by India. Even after Nirbhaya episode in 2012 which led to huge hue and cry and various legal reforms, women continue to face considerable vulnerability in Indian society. In Kerala a 28 year old law student was brutally raped and murdered, in Assam a 20 year old girl was raped and set ablaze and in Haryana, women were dragged out from their vehicles and raped during Jat protests for reservation. About 92 rapes take place on a daily basis with max number of rapes in Delhi. Despite legal reforms and increased sensitivity of police towards women safety, the rape challenge is yet to be tackled. The issue of women safety is also closely related to the issue of women empowerment in India. However, with increase in rape in India, the debate on death penalty for India’s rape crisis has kickstarted. Voice your opinion here if you think death penalty should be awarded for rape.

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